Seminars & Workshops

Our dog training team are committed to ongoing professional development and have hosted many international dog trainers and canine behavioural experts including Dr Esther Schalke and Hans Ebbers, Jogi Zanks and Forrest Micke.

As dog trainers, we acknowledge that training techniques and our understanding of canine learning are continually evolving and we recognise the importance of ensuring our own skillsets are kept up to date.

Brad and the Working K9 team are available to run dog training seminars and workshops.  We specialise in advanced obedience concepts –  theory and practical application and can structure a seminar to suit the needs of your group.

For further information please contact us here.

“Huge thank you to Brad and Karen of the Working K9 Team for delivering an informative 2 day Advanced Obedience Seminar to the competitive obedience triallers and club instructors of Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club.   The morning sessions were spent building an understanding of K9 learning theory and discussing its application to training and trialling; afternoons ‘one on one’ training sessions working our dogs.  Thank you again for sharing your wealth of knowledge and we look forward to organising a follow up seminar sometime in 2019.”

Louise, Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club.